The Benefits To Students When Teacher Use Minecraft In Class For Learning

There is enough evidence to show that by using video games in class improves the learning abilities of children contrary to what many people believe. The results of using video games in the class have benefits of improved creativity, quick thinking as well as enhanced skills among the students.For this reason, most schools are now adopting this norm, and the results are exemplary. The best and most appropriate game to use is the Minecraft as it has the essential elements suitable for learning. Minecraft constitutes a 3-D sandbox game which is a one player game whose objective is to extract raw materials to use in crafting essential items. Due to the game lacking any particular goals, the player can freely choose the steps they want to play the game. The player of the game use blocks that represent various things top make structures and objects which is a pleasant experience.Thus, The game enhances creativity. using Minecraft game In classroom is beneficial to students in the following ways.

To replicate structures is one of the benefits of using Minecraft game in class.As the game is used as a platform to create objects and structures, teachers can use this to help kids to replicate the real-life monuments and structures. Skills to reenact events by the students are developed.

The other benefit is using Minecraft as a writing assistance tool and also as a visualization tool. Student develop skills of storytelling by using Minecraft game as it is excellent as a storytelling visual aid.This way they can easily create stories thus enhancing on their characters with time. For this reason, the building of structures ion the game can enhance the children’s way of thinking as they imagine things faster as they recreate what they learn and read when they play the game.

When using Minecraft game in the class, cooperation among the students is enhanced. The other advantage of the use of Minecraft gaming in class is that student develop skills to work together as a team by cooperation. this is made possible when the teacher sets up some challenge in the game and urge the student to work together to achieve these goals. By doing this, the student work as a team and they become competitive when necessary. Besides, the students can be grouped by their teacher and each group provided with a challenge to compete with other groups thus making them work together. This way, there will be cooperation among the group members.

To make the learning enjoyable and good, teachers are therefore advised to use Minecraft in class.This Way, the full potential of the students can be realized as well as their creativity.

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